Growing tomorrow’s biotech successes

It is Novo's vision to create an even stronger Nordic biotech industry.

We do this by building and investing in startup companies founded on strong science with innovative products and the potential to transform patient treatment. In close collaboration with leading researchers, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and leaders in the biotech industry, we turn promising life science discoveries into viable businesses.

The commercial value is developed and matured through two routes: pre-seed grants for concepts that need maturation and capital investment in projects with a solid plan.


The most promising early-stage biotech companies are developed and financed through seed investments.

Through our hands-on approach, we transform innovative science into products that address unmet healthcare needs and improve quality of life.


One way in which we identify and develop new startups is through the pre-seed grant programme. Awarded on behalf of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, our pre-seed grants are given to early-stage, highly qualified academic research projects with promising commercial potential.

Before and during the grant phase, we work closely with each project to help them sharpen their plan and grow. In this way, we begin to set the team for a future spinout company, and provide each project with the best conditions to develop into attractive seed investments.

Seeds in brief 2016

novo as company structure
novo as company structure
novo as company structure
novo as company structure

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